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Advanced Image Sensor Development


World-class expertise & product development. 

We are world renowned for designing camera systems that can capture images @ 1 Billion frames per second and beyond.


We can design and build image sensors to suit your application. 

Design Service

Design Service

At SI Sensors we listen carefully to the demands of your project to ensure we provide you with the best product to fulfil your needs. Depending on your requirements, we can provide all or part of our full design cycle, which typically encompasses:

A feasibility study of your project, including preliminary design evaluation, development of an initial product specification and selection of an appropriate CMOS foundry and fabrication technology.

Development of a full product specification.

Custom image sensor design, including circuit design, simulation, layout, verification and tape-out

Develop and supply of advanced image sensor packaging.

Perform first silicon evaluation.

Camera system development.

Mass production and test services for the final custom image sensor



We have a broad range of experience in image sensor design, combined with specialist expertise in key technical areas required to create custom image sensor designs with cutting edge performance. In particular, our in-house experts have specialist knowledge of:

CCD-in-CMOS pixels, to enable ultra-fast in-pixel storage


Low noise CMOS design, to achieve the highest possible image quality

Back side illumination, to improve image sensor quantum efficiency

High dynamic range, to capture the most challenging scenes

Global shutter, to minimize temporal artefacts in dynamic scenes

Reticle stitching, to optimise sensor size

Non visible imaging techniques, for near-infrared, UV, X-ray and charged particle imaging

System-on-Chip sensor architectures, allowing for simplified camera system design and optimum performance

We choose CMOS technologies between 180 nm and 65 nm process nodes, which typically offer the best compromise between image sensor performance and cost



SI Sensors builds on the innovative image sensors developed to create some of the fastest cameras in the world. We offer custom image sensor design for a variety of applications.

Scientific Imaging

Industrial Imaging


Medical Imaging


Non imaging applications

Our experience with ultra-high speed CCD in CMOS can also be applied to other novel applications including analogue memory for real time signal processing.

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